miércoles, julio 18, 2012

Motu Journey: Adopting a Package in Debian

I've kept this post on hold very long time, but I have to keep the Motu Journey rolling. It happends to be that I found the need for a clipboard manager so I decided for Glipper. At that momment glipper was maintained in Ubuntu by upstream, so I offered my help after checking that the package in Debian was orphaned (a big opportunity to "Contribute to Ubuntu from Debian").


The package in Debian needed lot of love and after RTFM on how to adopt a package (in spanish) I filled a ITA and got it uploaded in the Debian archive, thanks to the sponsoring of Aron Xu. From this adventure I learned how to make manpages, how to use svn-buildpackage and the most important: I learned that uploading packages to Debian guarantees better quality packages landing in Ubuntu.

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