martes, agosto 28, 2012

Running Quantal

When Quantal Quetzal first alpha came to life, I grabbed it and threw it on my Asus EEE PC 900 and flipped out with the stability, this happend so with precise. So far, I could say that Quantal is the best alpha release ever! Until I got this today.

The thing goes like this, I login and my desktop looks like the first screenshot, if I click on the desktop I can see my wallpaper for a few seconds. The same happends when the launcher hides or when I activate the HUD, I can't even imagine what is causing this "un-documented feature", but I guess this isn't an unexpected behavior when you run a development release.

Update: I downloaded the latest Live CD image and tried it from a Live USB and the problem persist. It's as if I'm running Unity without 3D acceleration activated, even though /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p says my video card supports Unity 3D.

I guess it's time to file a bug report!