sábado, septiembre 24, 2011

See you @ Software Freedom Day Nicaragua

In a couple of hours the Nicaraguan Free Software Community will gather together to celebrate the Software Freedom Day 2011. The activities starts early in the morning with a "collaborative" breakfast and will continue until very late in the evening with a great concert with artist performing a very rich combination of music genders.
SFD Nicaragua 2011

For more details about the event step by the event's wiki page (in spanish).

viernes, septiembre 02, 2011

Software Freedom Day 2011 Nicaragua

It's great to see the Software Freedom Day as a global event in the Ubuntu LoCo Directory. And Ubuntu Nicaragua LoCo Team will participate (as usual) in the Nicaraguan Software Freedom Day 2011 organized by the Nicaraguan Free Software Community.

You can check more details of the event in the official wiki page or in the event @ LoCo Directory and expect the unexpected.