viernes, febrero 11, 2011

Just a little Bite

A little bite

So my first self-assignment in my MOTU Journey was to fix a Bitesize Bug. I wanted to get confident with the tools and to better understand the bug-fixing-workflow. The chosen victim was LP: #706221, just to fix a typo in the package description (piece of cake).

After asking a few questions in #ubuntu-motu, the suggestion was to send this change to Debian. The calibre packaging team uses bzr so I followed the Debdiff packaging recipe and after sorting some lintian warnings , I pushed the changes to my own branch and proposed it for merging.

What I learned from this? Use bzr for packaging, sort NMU's lintian warning. Thanks to persia and Laney for your help.

Picture by: Víctor de la Fuente.
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