sábado, marzo 27, 2010

Lucid Sweetness

I decided to beta-test Ubuntu Lucid when the beta 1 came out, so last monday I installed it in my netbook, after working out some troubles with my USB flash drive. The new look is awesome and after a few hours I got used to the new position of the max, min , close buttons.

Today, after downloading some megabytes of updates a found very nice changes in the Indicator Applet, like the little blue arrow shown next to the Chat icon when you are using empathy. I all the icons are now in one colour (no more blue bars in the Network Manager applet when using my broadband USB modem).

On the other hand, Gwibber is now working as I spected! No more gwibber-service crashes. Great job guys, let's see want other surprises do we get with the future updates.
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